Saturday, 21 September 2013

New job at Copernicus Inc

Feel like eternity since the last post. Really in need some personal projects going to keep this blog alive, I guess. Still can't get the routine of posting random stuffs once in a while.
Oh well, nothing much happened. I got recruited for an animator position at Copernicus studio (based in Halifax), and now working my bottom off. Not like I have anything against the show I'm working on right now, but still, it doesn't really fit me. I want to act, to animate, to do fancy stuffs that make me feel fulfilled, but it doesn't seem to be possible here. I'm thinking about starting a small personal project, and will update back soon (I hope)

Btw, can't upload any of my sketches now, cuz I don't have any scanner at home. Sorry about that.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Jalloo 24h game jam

Last Friday we took part in Jalloo 24h game jam, an event when you meet up with random people and form a team to make a game with the theme provided at the start of the jam. This year was "evolution".
Our team made an ok job, I guess. Was having fun working with you guys, thank you James, Martin, Sarah, Karen and Douglas ( `  v  `)

The game was about a cell roaming around inside a living body, fighting and eating stuff to grow up and eat more. There are upgrade paths to help with different aspects, and there're 3 stages of evolution. Sounds like Spore (even though I haven't play it yet).

I thought I would wait for our host Brian to upload all the game entry for this year's game jam first then just leave the link here, but somehow he still hasn't, so here're some samples I made. I also made the opening and ending animatic, but it wouldn't look good showing here as a gif, so let just leave it in the game (  `  3`)

Character and art by James. I animated the moving and morphing parts.

Loosy transformation. I thought it would be fun if in the animation, the cell transforms
into some awesome looking silhouette, then at the end it turns out to be just a simple 
duplication, then we can laugh at the player "Fooled ya!!!" (  `  v `)

Melee attack. Chomp! Nom nom nom!

Bullet for ranged attack. I planned to make it like he just poops 
something out and it hits the enemy on its way to freedom.

 Hit effect.

Another hit effect to alternative with the one above

Water. Certainly needed in this kind of heat.

You can check things out at, around the "game jam" tab or something.
I also took part in game jam last year, making a puzzle game called "Sunburn" (character animation, main menu), however we couldn't make it playable (_ _"). Maybe I should start to learn some programing just in case (  O...o)

Hm, that's it for today. It's close to my graduation now and I have quite a lot of thing to prepare, so I might not be able to keep updating everyday, sorry fans (  `  v `) Not like I was being able to without all the works anyway, but it doesn't hurt bluffing once in a while, does it ( >  v <)b ?

Friday, 21 June 2013

Jalloo 2013...

... is finally over, and I'm sure I will miss it.
We were having such a great time with so many amazing industry folks coming from all kinds of field, and the workshops with Bancroft brothers' are absolutely amazing. I wish I could freely talk to people though, as there are some interesting guys hanging around but I don't really know how to start and hold a conversation. Blamed it on my introvertness (_ _")

Next thing on the list: my 1st demo reel (/` A')/
I was thinking of updating it before putting up here, but adding little detail everytime I made something new sounds kind of dumb.

Of course, some pages of my portfolio too. I don't really want to spread my stuffs all over the place, so if you want to download the full portfolio, be sure to grasp it from my wix site:

And a quick animation for Rick's assignment, animal acting (or something along the line)

That's it for now ( `  v `). I will continue to update tomorrow, as there are still so many things so show off after all ( `  v `)

That was dumb of me....

... to totally forgot the reason I put this blog's link on my business card ( O xO)
Sorry to all the folks who came here follow my link just to look at stuffs which haven't been updated for months. I planned to comeback after graduation, but gave out my business cards even before getting things ready first. So much for career planning ( T  .T)

Oh well, so now, even though it's a bit (too) late, welcome to my (soon to be reopened) blog. I will start by updating as much as I can, and promise that I will keep doing it in the future, so stay "tooned".

On the side note, if you're bored you can go and have a look at my w.i.p portfolio site at
I will continue to work on both of them from now on.
Again, sorry for the poor preparation. There are so many "I will" already, so better start getting thing done then.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

I'm back

Have some candies ( ` 3')

Rapunzel in 10 different styles
Or more like the girl from the show plus the long hair, I guess.

10 pose of goofy doing goofi-y things. Clean up class.

That's all for now. There're quite a bit of sketches, but I'd rather not showing my ugly side though
( ` _, `)
Have been quite distracted lately (another way to say "lazy"). Gotta find some new inspirations, and FAST. *Jump on the bandwagon*

Monday, 14 January 2013

It's been a long time...

Well, definitely sounds weird as there's only a mouse scroll distance since my last post, but it's been half a year for me already ( o _o)
I wasn't wrong naming this blog uninhabited after all. Way to go my old self ( ` v')b

Anyway, some stuffs from a long time ago that I can't even remember when it was (basically more than 2 weeks from present time)

3/4 run with bbq sauce and ketchu... I mean with clothes (_ _")
Pitch. Probably gonna redo it when I got spare time which is not reversed for sleeping, eating, watching anime/movie, playing games, lurking on the internet, stalking som... e..e.. a..anyway, when I got spare time.

30s 3D animation. Yes, the move sucks (_ _")
Should have learn some choreography or get ref beforehand, but *insert having-no-time-excuse in here*, so this is it.

Bg colouring in flash class

Simplified drawing (or something along the line)

 Creature design. Your common froggy with a pinch of evolution.

Random dude character design. It was meant to be in Avatar style, but I couldn't nail it down, so it's random dude character design.
Yes, I forgot to add the clothes, thanks for asking AGAIN (/` A')/ -'--'-

2 more animatics which takes too long to upload now, so let's save it for next time ( ` v')b

Thursday, 14 June 2012

The long awaited animation dump / ` A')/ -'---'-

Heavy broad jump. Just having fun with it, so not much to say.
Bird flight cycle from last term. Still look stiff, but I was too lazy to revised it (_ _")

Heavy lift. Forgot to put it the revised background though.
4 legged walk. Last assignment of 1st year. 
Look much better without the confusing tonal work though (_ _")